Пoжapная безопасность друзей из России
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JULY 2017

Houses of Parliament

As part of our work encouraging people to people links, a visit to the Houses of Parliament by Russian school children from Kursk on 19th July was arranged by Lord Truscott of St James's, Patron of Fire Safety Friends Of Russia. Lord Truscott spent some time talking to the children and meeting Natalia Zheleznyakova (yellow top) and Chris Holgate (blue shirt), Founder of FSFOR. Natalia created the first link for Chris with the Russian Fire Service.  Our grateful thanks to the Rt. Hon the Baroness Evans for taking the photo in Westminster Hall.




Kursk Region.

Another step in creating friendly links.

A gift from the Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets, TS Vanguard, Worthing was passed to the Sea Cadets at School 18, Kursk, Russia during September. Chris Holgate collected the gift from TS Vanguard, a plaque with the ships crest and two tally bands and the Mayor of Worthing Cllr Sean MacDonald presented the gift to the Cadets  in Russia during a visit as a guest of Kursk Town Administration.




We are very pleased to announce and welcome

Assistant Chief Officer Steve Owen-Hughes MBE, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

as a Trustee of Fire Safety Friends Of Russia


 AUGUST 2016

Arkhangelsk Region Project

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Two instructors, Station Managers Jason Sharp and Mark Duffy from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service formed a team as members of the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation and visited Arkhangelsk, Russia the week commencing 22nd August 2016, following several months of preparation by Jason and Mark in liaison with Arkhangelsk Region Rescue Service. 

This was the next step in an extensive Fire Safety Friends Of Russia project assisting with service development, following the visit earlier in the year by Michael Willis and Andy Newton. The overall project is expected to last four years.

Jason and Mark, representing UKRO, are part of a team assembled for the project. The other members of the team are Assistant Chief Officer Stephen Owen-Hughes, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, Michael Willis OBE. former Chief Ambulance Officer and adviser to the Minister of State for Health, Professor Andy Newton, Clinical Consultant to South East Coast Ambulance Service, Chris Holgate, Founding Trustee, Fire Safety Friends Of Russia and project co-ordinator and Terry Beck, FSFOR logistics.

The visit by Jason and Mark was an intensive five days of work devoted to updating the Arkhangelsk Region Emergency Services with current UK practice and procedures for rescuing persons trapped in road vehicles and providing initial trauma care. This involved classroom work on the issues associated with the latest generation of cars including hybrid, as well as several days of practical exercises.

The week was extremely successful with the Russian instructors not only being pleased with the updates but also being impressed with the method of instruction used, which they have now adopted for delivering future training themselves. The passing on of information was not one way, Jason and Mark also leaned a few useful procedures from their Russian colleagues.

The Arkhangelsk Rescue Service Instructors started a programme of training for the Region based on the UKRO course the very next Monday.

During the week we were joined by two fire fighters from the USA, Chief Andrew Turcotte and Deputy Chief Stephen Sloan of Portland Fire Department, Main, for discussions exploring co-operation with the FSFOR project in Arkhangelsk. It was agreed the Portland Fire Department will work with FSFOR assisting in delivering the overall project.


JUNE 2016



“You came here as guests – you are leaving as friends.”
Russia 20th – 27th June


On the morning of the 20th June an intrepid band of adventurers set out on a unique expedition – to build bridges of friendship with the students of School 27 in Kursk, Russia. Bethany Johnson, Alexander Luff, Lauren Neal and Rosie Neate were accompanied by Ms Barr and Mr Williams on a journey of discovery.
The story started in November 2013 when a delegation from the city visited the Academy to strike up a relationship under the auspices of Chris Holgate, a former West Sussex fire officer and Founding Trustee of Fire Safety Friends Of Russia. They made a powerful, warm impression on the staff and students who met them and out of that meeting grew a plan. In April the following year, the two schools simultaneously opened art exhibitions of each other’s work linked via Skype. In November that year, a similar event saw a joint exhibition of photographs of home. In September 2015, Guy Williams was a guest of the city of Kursk as the plan for a visit took shape.

The whole experience was profoundly moving, energising and exhausting. Our students have a very different understanding of life in Russia and have made very firm friends. All of them are already talking of when we will return. All of them have been changed by the experience - they have grown in confidence and stature and recognise that this was a very significant moment in their lives. When reflecting on their most important moment, they all referred to the commemoration of the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War (22nd June 1941 – the day the Nazis invaded and Russia joined WW2). We were involved in the ceremony at four o’clock in the morning, holding lanterns in memory of the 27 million who died. We were special guests at their leavers’ ceremony - it was a great honour and a delight to see how significant a part education and teachers play in the lives of all young people in Kursk.

We saw so much and tasted so many flavours of life in this beautiful country that it is impossible to list them all here but it was such a rich programme with so many opportunities to feel the welcome and warmth of the Russian people that we are committed to returning as soon as we can. On our second day, we took part in an art workshop – at the centre of the banner that we created were the words: ‘You came here as guests – you are leaving as friends’. We were all touched by the simplicity and truth of this sentiment.

We hope that this is the first of many exchanges. We know that the world is little stronger as result of it. We will always remember it and hold it in a very special place in our hearts.







APRIL 2016

Arkhangelsk Region Project


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As a first stage in the programme of cooperation, agreed with our Arkhangelsk Civil Emergency Services colleagues, a team from FSFOR visited Arkhangelsk 5th to 9th April to assess the current medical response to incidents, in particular road vehicle collisions.

The  team consisted of Michael Willis OBE, retired Chief Ambulance Officer and former adviser to the Minister of State for Health and Professor Andy Newton Consultant Paramedic and Chief Clinical Officer, South East Coast Ambulance Service, together with Chris Holgate FSFOR and Denis Sebentsov FSFOR.

Over the four days, in order to assess current procedures, training and equipment, visits were made to the Arkhangelsk Region HQ Station and Call Centre, Regional Fire and Rescue Training Centre, Northern State Medical University Centre for first aid training, a volunteer fire station, ambulance station and observed a practical exercise  “Medical response to road collision with multiple injured persons”.

A meeting with the Head of the Regional emergency services to discuss the findings and preliminary discussion on a future action plan took place prior to a joint meeting the following day involving  the delegation from the UK, representatives of the Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue Services, the Government representative for Arkhangelsk Region (Ministry of Public Health, the Agency for State Fire Service and Civil Defence), Fire and Rescue Services  Regional Training Centre and the Northern State Medical University.

Finally a meeting with Alexander Uvarov, Head of the Arkhangelsk Region Civil Emergency Services to discuss the initial findings and agree a basic framework for progressing the objectives of the Arkhangelsk Region Rescue and Fire Services.

The next planned stage is a visit by the UK Rescue Organisation to introduce the Arkhangelsk Region Rescue Service Instructors to the latest casualty extrication techniques used in the UK.

MARCH 2016

We are very pleased to announce and welcome

Lord Truscott of St James's

as a Patron of Fire Safety Friends Of Russia

Thank you letter from the Town of Kursk Town presented to Chris H 2nd February2013.

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    Letter                    Translation


Presentation to the staff at Shoreham Fire Station in recognition of
of their significant help and support in particular with fund raising.

The support we receive from Stations like Shoreham is vital to our success.

Watch Manager Mark Ross and Crew Manager Darren Seymore accepting our gift.

JULY 2012

As part of our cooperation with development of training,
Dmitry Shtyrov, Deputy Fire Chief
The 27th Moscow Fire Department of the Federal Fire Service.
Alexander Shlyapin, Senior Instructor
Moscow Fire & Rescue College
Denis Barbulev, Vice-president, OAO "PTS"
visited UK 8th to 11th July 2012.

Grateful thanks to
The Fire Service College,
London Gatwick Airport Fire and Rescue Service,
Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service,
Fire and Rescue Solutions Ltd and
for making the visit a complete success.


The Fire Service College
Left to right - Mark Winder, Alexander, Dmitry, Matt Armstrong and Denis

Gatwick Airport with Barry Alderslade, Deputy Airport Fire Manager.


Visit to Kursk as guest of Town Administration for Town day celebrations.

Attendance at conference on new Volunteer Fire Service and meeting with General Zoubkov
 to discuss assistance with the introduction of the Volunteer Service.

Meeting with Anantoly Meekailovich Babenko, Regional Chief Fire Officer, to discuss details for shipment of the two Sabres.


Left - at Town Day Celebrations next to the display cabinet at the Administration Offices with gifts from the UK including
Worthing and Chichester.

Right - with Anatoly at Kursk Emergency Services HQ following a meeting with the General.


AUGUST 8th/9th 2011

Two Dennis Sabres collected from storage in Lincolnshire and placed in FSFOR storage area Sussex.

Work to prepare the vehicles and paperwork for shipping to Kursk will start week commencing 22nd.

Link showing N775 OUF in service at Loughborough, Leicestershire.


APRIL11th 2011
VDPO present medal in recognition of work of FSFOR.

I humbly accept this award only as recognition of all the work and support you, trustees, members and supporters have given to our project. 

My sincere thanks to you all. 


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FEBRUARY 6th 2011

With Darren and Tim, donation of firefighting protective clothing collected and put into store. Needs to be sorted and packed ready for shipping.  

DECEMBER 29th 2010

Recruitment drive planned for January 2011 accompanied by launch of  a Face Book Page.


DECEMBER 24th 2010

2 Dennis Sabres close to being ready for shipping together with 1000 sets of personal protective clothing. Help will be needed early New Year, to prepare the vehicles and equipment for shipping. 6 Dennis Sabres expected to be available for a convoy around June 2011.


DECEMBER 20th 2010

Following a meeting at the Fire Service College. Bob Rearie, Operational Training is heading the training projects for FSFOR together with Martin Johnson, Specialist Operations.

A visit to Moscow and Kursk is planned for Martin in the first quarter 2011 to advise and help with the setting up of fire behaviour training in both Moscow and Kursk. Also, to start providing co-operation and assistance to the Fire Faculty, Kursk State Polytechnic College.


DECEMBER 8th 2010

Visits made in June and September. Russian liaison team formed.

Major progress in improved communications, organising future shipping, procurement and volunteer support from specialists especially in training, including wild fires and fund raising.


APRIL 20th 2010

Membership Scheme launched.


MARCH 7th 2009

Work of Fire Safety Friends Of Russia added to the CFOA International Development Data Base.
Link - - International Development - IDP Support Data Base


DECEMBER 6th 2008

In response to a number of requests, we have created a 468x60 banner which can be used on your website to increase awareness of the Fire Safety Friends of Russia. Please copy the link below, and ensure that the link is made to our website front page at Thanks!

MARCH 16th 2008

The three Dennis appliances entering Kursk towards the end of their long journey. Delayed by several days due to the vehicles having to change ferry at Bremerhaven and then difficulties at St Petersburg with new regulations regarding the import of the basket strainers. Unfortunately, the alternator on the G reg. played up, so that also caused some problems having to charge the batteries using another vehicle. CH.


The Outskirts of Kursk


Arrival at Station 16 & Workshops, Kursk

FEBRUARY 26th 2008

The three former West Sussex Dennis fire appliances reported below left Shoreham Airport this morning en route for Sheerness. With a healthy presence from the local media to report on the occasion, the vehicles set off shortly after 10:15 am. Some photos are on the Gallery page, and the BBC local news report can be viewed here. JG

Newsletter 5 (English)


DECEMBER 4th 2007

We have three more Dennis fire appliances almost ready for shipping. We hope to send them on their way in the next few weeks. The team are at present busy ensuring they are fit for the long journey to Kursk. Although they will go from Sheerness to St Petersburg by ship, they still have to be driven by our Russian Fires Service colleagues approximately 1223 km / 760 m. in temperatures below zero, possibly less than minus 20. So, we want to make sure they are as good mechanically as we can get them.


They will be equipped with Roof Ladders, Light Portable Pumps, Generators, Suction Hose and Strainers and High Pressure Hose Reels. They will also carry a small quantity of firefighters uniforms, helmets and spare hose.

With the support and help of Shoreham Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service, Shoreham Airport Management have very kindly provided us with undercover secure storage where we can also prepare the vehicles. Paul Smith and the Airport Fire Service Staff have also given given us fantastic practical help. We are very grateful to all at Shoreham Airport.


If you are a fire engine enthusiast and/or you find our web site and work interesting we hope you will visit our Donate page (CH)


SEPTEMBER 29th 2007

FSFOR presented a display at the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service open day at Burgess Hill Fire Station. The informative display boards and interactive video shows were of great interest to the many visitors who stopped by. Thank you to all who supported our cause, and to our supporters and volunteers who helped out. (JG)

A few photographs from the event:


JULY 28th 2007

Today, FSFOR had a display at the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service open day at Worthing Fire Station. With one of our next batch of
Dennis fire appliances on hand, there was much local interest in our work, and an opportunity for our volunteers to engage in some active
fundraising. Thank you to all those involved - and thank goodness the weather was kind as well! (JG)

A few photographs from the day:


FEBRUARY 10th 2007

The FSFOR newsletters have now been uploaded to our website, both in English and Russian. Please click the links below:

Newsletter 1 (English)

Newsletter 2 (English)

Newsletter 2 (Russian)

Newsletter 3 (English)

Newsletter 4 (English)

SEPTEMBER 10th 2006

The FSFOR "roadshow" was on display at the Emergency Services Show at Hullavington in Wiltshire. This is a new area for making people aware of our work, and most visitors had not heard of us before. That was soon remedied with numerous leaflets and stickers being handed out, and a fundraising raffle for a bottle of vodka! Chris Holgate was invited onto the stage of Great Western Radio (GWR), and was interviewed about FSFOR and its work. A photograph of this interview is shown below. It was a useful day's work, with some interesting new contacts made in fire brigades that we had not spoken too previously. Thank you to the people of Wiltshire for making us feel so welcome!  (JG)

NOVEMBER 17th 2005

See coverage of the Trust's activities on the BBC Website, and