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Archangelsk Fire and Rescue Services 


We have been invited and are in the process of helping the Services reappraise and reorganise their medical response to incidents, improvements to air/sea rescue capability and general rescue techniques including organising competitions as a tool for improving performance.


Overall action plan in response to the request.


1. Assess and advise on introduction of pre ambulance aid and casualty handling at the incident. Life support and casualty care from the incident to and action on reception in hospital accident and emergency units.


2. Training of instructors in current vehicle extrication methods and techniques following  the assessment in 1. above.


3. Rescue from collapsed buildings. Assess current practice and offer liaison and training as needed.

4. Rescue from water both sea and inland. Liaise and assist as appropriate with improvements to current practice.


5. Live fire training. Assist with development of training facilities, training and safe practice procedures.

6. Promotion of fire, road safety and injury prevention (including fire cadet programmes).

7. Organisation of competitions and participation in international events.

8. General cooperation with training between Archangelsk and UK fire and rescue organisations.

9. We are investigating the provision of combined defibrillator first aid kits for the remote





Sir Robert Woodard Academy. In progress assisting with development of initial links.


Fire and Rescue Cadets. London Fire Brigade Fire and Rescue Cadets are in the process of developing links with fire and rescue cadets in Kursk Russia with the assistance of The Fire Service Youth Training Association.


Sea Cadets. Links are currently being progress between Worthing Sea and Royal Marine Cadets and Sea Cadets in Kursk with the support of the Captain of Sea Cadets and approval of the MoD.

2004 & 2008. 7 Dennis fire appliances delivered to Kursk Region with Light Portable Pumps, generators and ladders.


2004 & 2008. In addition we have supplied 1000 pairs of almost new fire boots, 470 sets of personal protective clothing, 80 fire helmets, 125 chemical protection suits, 25 gas protection suits, resuscitation equipment, radiation meters, vehicle spares and spare lengths of hose reel tubing.


2006. Training for Kursk Fire Service personnel in vehicle maintenance and the operation and testing of pumps and 135 ladders, both in the UK and Russia.


2006. Facilitated a visit to the UK to obtain information and details on a typical UK fire control and mobilising centre to assist with the development of a new command and control system in Russia.


2007. Assistance provided with development of school fire safety education programme.


2009. Kursk State Polytechnic College Fire Faculty Staff visit to UK training establishments, including visits to the Fire Service College, HMS Excellent and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre, facilitated and largely financed by FSFOR.


2011 & 2012. At their request, we assisted the Moscow Federal Fire Service to get fire    behaviour and live fire training approved for Russia. This was done in partnership with the     Moscow Fire Service, Moscow Fire and Rescue College and a private Russian company PTS, together with the UK Fire Service College, Gatwick Airport Training facility and Fire and Rescue Solutions Ltd. The training now has national approval.


2014. Facilitated a visit to the UK by senior officers of the Archangelsk Rescue Service to research UK methods with regard to air search and rescue, all aspects of other rescue work including swift water rescue and live fire training.


2016. As a first stage in the programme of cooperation, agreed with our Arkhangelsk Civil Emergency Services colleagues, a team from FSFOR visited Arkhangelsk 5th to 9th April to asses the current medical response to incidents, in particular road vehicle collisions.


The  team consisted of Michael Willis OBE, retired Chief Ambulance Officer and former adviser to the Minister of State for Health and Professor Andy Newton Consultant Paramedic and Chief Clinical Officer, South East Coast Ambulance Service, together with Chris Holgate FSFOR and Denis Sebentsov FSFOR.


2016. A visit made to Arkhangelsk in August by a UKRO team consisting of Station Managers Jason Sharp and Mark Duffy, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.


The visit consisted of both classroom and practical sessions updating our Russian colleagues with the latest UK extrication techniques and vehicle technical information. 



2006. A visit by the Mayor of Chichester to link with Kursk facilitated.

2012. we facilitated a UK/RU art exhibition for 11 to 15 year old children that took place in
September in Kursk and Chichester. The exhibitions were opened simultaneously by the Mayors in both towns via a video link.

2013. In November, we organised and facilitated a visit to the UK by the Kursk Branch, Russian Peace Foundation. The visitors attended receptions with the Mayor of Chichester and the Mayor of Worthing.

Fact finding visits were made to Worthing Hospital Cardiac Unit and Worthing town centre to learn something of the current management practices.

Chichester Sea Cadets were visited and the Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Lancing to offer links.

2014. In April we assisted with another exchange of children’s art. This time between Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Lancing and School No. 27, Kursk. The exhibitions were opened simultaneously via a video link by the Adur District Council Chairman in the UK and a member of the Kursk Region Duma in Russia.

2014. Chichester City Council formally appointed Chris Holgate Honorary Representative of the City of Chichester to Russia

2015. Assisted with another exchange of children’s work this time photographs between Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Lancing and School No. 27, Kursk. The exhibitions were opened simultaneously via a video link by local politicians in both countries.

2015. In September, FSFOR assisted with a visit by the SRWA international relations teacher to Kursk to make contact with Russian colleagues and prepare a draft plan for the visit.

2016. A very successful visit made to Kursk School Number 27 by pupils from SRWA 20th to 27th June.


2016. Arranged formal visit by the Mayor of Worthing to Kursk Town 24th and 25th September.


2016. September. Gift from TS Vanguard Worthing presented to Kursk School 18 Sea Cadets by the Mayor of Worthing.